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Company "Com. EUROSS" s.r.o. 1991 manages the processes of construction of kilns, boilers, dust and gas cleaning and other processing equipment, format:

Performs maintenance service of the equipment:

  • Warranty service - the holding of regular free checks, supplied equipment during the warranty period.
  • Post-warranty service - at the end of the warranty period, checking and adjustment of the equipment and makes proposals for its repair.
  • Operational service - maintenance of the equipment is performed by preventing unplanned withdrawal of equipment from service, except to stop the equipment to the minimum extent possible.

Perform the following steps carried out service work:

  • inspection of equipment;
  • inspection rating, offer solutions;
  • provide proposals for approval;
  • the actual performance of the service intervention;
  • Check-made interference with the accounting records of the product.

All work and services performed under the contract with the user, except for warranty service.