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Company "Com. EUROSS" s.r.o. supplies fabric filters with the pulsed regeneration of the filter bags, with capacity of up to 25.000 m3 5.000.000 m3 and gas temperatures up to 260 °C. Bag filters are a dust collecting device that is separated by dry solid particles from polluted air or gas and are used in all areas of industrial production. In the case where the gas temperature exceeds the allowable values for filter fabrics, our company offers to install at the entrance to refrigeration units.

Function description

The gas containing solid contaminants flows into the lower part of the hopper or in the side of the bag filter housing which fall under the influence of the gas flow velocity occurs first coarse separation of dust particles. Further, the contaminated air flows upward to vertically suspended filter bags, passes through micropore filter cloth and into the clean gas chamber, then purified flue gas exits through a clean gas chamber. On the outer surface of the filter bags and the dust particles are trapped dust form a continuous layer which is removed regularly pulsed regeneration. Under the influence of compressed air pulses on the inner side of the sleeve is detached dust layer from the outer surface of sleeves. The dust is gradually falling into the hopper, and then through an air-tight bolt is pushed for space fabric filter.

Fabric filters "Com. EUROSS" s.r.o. offline

Fabric filters are performed off-line are used primarily to filter large amounts of gas (100 000 m3), very light and fine dust, and where the complexity of the production technology requires long-term and continuous operation.

Structurally, they are designed as modules of a system of interconnected input and output channel. Each module is a separate filter element and is equipped with pneumatically controlled disc valve at the outlet and manually controlled valve at the inlet.

Possible revision or repairs do not require disconnection of a filter from service. The individual filter modules in the two sides can be closed to eliminate from the filtering process, and thus made available for maintenance and repair. In case of accident or exceeds the maximum temperature at the inlet protection filter provides a built-pass line by-pass.

Spot bag filters "Com. EUROSS" s.r.o.

Intended for separation of solid particles from a gas stream venting silos and gas suction a small amount of up to 25000 m3/h and the temperature to 140 °C.

Installation and replacement of hoses is carried out with the working side of the filter through the side door, which doubles as a hose control. Fabric filters "Com. EUROSS" s.r.o. delivered to the construction site in the assembled state, including a control unit in several versions.

  Embodiments of the filter point:

  • Filter without a hopper, which is mounted directly on the flange of the silo structure or on the conveyor housing;
  • Filter with a hopper, a sealed hopper gate and supporting steel structure;
  • filter with integrated fan on the clean gas chamber;
  • Filter with outlet flange for connection to an exhaust pipe;
  • pressure filter with the release of the gas directly into the environment, with mechanical shaking system.

Filter elements

The filter elements consist of a baghouse filter bags, and wire frames, installed inside in order to protect the sleeves from folding under the influence of the gas flow coming from outside to inside of the sleeve.


Recovery system

All functional elements of the system are located outside the active filter area. The system consists of an air nozzle and diaphragm valves of the system, which are controlled by solenoid valves and joined by blow-pipe. Removal and installation of blowing tubes in case of repair is very simple and easy, even after prolonged exposure to corrosive environment.

Filters administration

All filters management company "Com. EUROSS" s.r.o. designed in accordance with the requirements of the chosen technology and to achieve an optimal economical operation and full automation of the equipment. SIEMENS control units allow no problem to communicate with higher-level control system.