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Company "Com. EUROSS" s.r.o. It produces dry chamber electrostatic precipitators of its own design - a highly reliable equipment for separation of solid contaminants from the exhaust and process gases. High-catching ability of these filters provides low ash particles in the atmosphere that fully meets the requirements of environmental laws. Our elekrofiltry in its design are suitable for repairs and reconstruction of all available sizes of electrostatic precipitators of domestic and foreign production.

Advantages of electrical gas cleaning:

  • minimum maintenance requirements;
  • operational reliability;
  • functional flexibility;
  • High-performance filtration of gases;
  • low gas pressure loss (230 Pa max.);
  • filtration of gases at temperatures up to 350 °C (435 °C when using special materials);
  • completely dry process, resistance to hot particles contained in the gas.

Power and control

"Com Euross" s.r.o uses the following sources of IOS:

  • Three-phase silicon rectifiers with a high voltage transformer with the transmitter high-frequency and measuring circuit;
  • silicon-phase high voltage transformer with a rectifier connected to the pulse generator and the measuring circuit;
  • single-phase silicon rectifiers with a high voltage transformer and measuring circuit.

Power supply control system provides:

1. Adjust the source SVN:

  • limiting the maximum voltage;
  • limiting the maximum supply current;
  • installation of an automatic adjustment of parameters;
  • alarm short circuit in the electrical circuit;
  • preventing feedback arc in an electric circuit;
  • multi-polarity power supply with the choice of the number of periods;
  • Check the number of hops;
  • In an instant image-A characteristics.

2. Integrated management:

  • the progress of electric separator and watching them comprehensively controls the microprocessor universal modular system.

3. Optimization of the work:

  • the lowest possible consumption of electricity when the emission limit or the lowest possible ash dust