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In order to successfully meet the challenges of our clients, we use an integrated approach, analyzing the environmental, ecological, technological and economic aspects of the problem. Based on the analysis of data and make the best decision tasks.

Our production facilities are certified by international audit of industrial companies. The production process, from design to packaging equipment and supervised by our European specialists. The principle of the diversified manufacturing equipment, as close to the customer, both economically and technically justified and protected debugged scheme of coordination and production control.

During the reconstruction of dust-gas cleaning equipment of various types and manufacturers, our specialists will upgrade components aggregates and filters all sizes with different number of fields / sleeves, optimizing performance by applying advanced process control systems, achieving emission reduction to 99.8 %, which fully meets the European standards.

We used well-proven pulse electrodes cleaning systems / hoses and dust collection hopper. The successful combination of our mechanical equipment and electronics company "SIEMENS", allowing our filters meet the European standards. A ratio of "price and quality" allows us to compete with any of the manufacturers in this field.

The company constantly cooperates with leading research and design institutes, foreign companies specializing in the field of ecology, construction and assembly organizations, thus ensuring our customers a full range of supply and high quality of performance of contractual obligations.